Blue Planet - Sustainable Packaging Competition

The annual Blue Planet - Sustainable Packaging Competition arrives as scheduled! The 2021 Competition further aims at the global consensus on the sustainable development of packaging with a focus on the green development process and innovation breakthroughs of packaging so as to solicit outstanding sustainable development packaging works and solutions all over the world, encourage environmental protection and innovative ideas, help enterprises effectively advance sustainable packaging strategy, and promote the green transformation and upgrading of the industry chain.

Competition awards of this year will be divided into three categories: regular awards, specialty awards and academic awards. Therefore, no matter you are a vendor of materials, packaging and equipment with innovative achievements, universities or terminal enterprises and individuals, as long as the products or cases submitted meet the sustainable packaging standards, you are eligible to apply!

Regular awards

Oriented to all experts in packaging industry, the category takes materials, creativity, design, development and other dimensions into account, and sets four single awards based on different focuses. Your application is much awaited!

Innovation Award for Packaging

Material Application

  • New green and environmental-friendly packaging materials
  •  Integrate the application of new technologies
  • Improve enterprise revenue or save costs
  • Innovate environmental-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions through material changes

Circular Scheme Award

  • Use environmental-friendly or circular industrial chain applications or packaging solutions
  •  Reduce product and packaging waste via innovative circular system

Green Packaging Design Concept


  • New or creative packaging structure enables reduced and light-weighted packaging
  •  New or creative graphic design promotes the concept of sustainable development.
  • Enhance brand image and added value, improve product sales, and reflect the company's initiative to assume social responsibility

Planning Award for the Sustainable

Development of Packaging

  • The enterprise incorporates the concept of sustainable development into the future development vision.
  • The enterprise itself or a specific product has a clear time plan to practically and feasibly implement or propel the sustainable development.
  • Create a complete sustainable packaging development strategy via comprehensive efforts on the ends of production, circulation and sales.

Specialty awards

This category is only open to enterprises. The award aims to spread the concept of green development responsibility, continue promoting the green concept and connotation, and provide classic cases, concepts or public practices that can effectively achieve circular development.

Social Responsibility Award for Green Development 

As the concept of green development takes the harmony between man and nature as the value orientation, green low-carbon cycle as the main principle, and ecological civilization building as the basic starting point, the Social Responsibility Award for Green Development is not limited to the packaging field, but involves all walks of life.

Academic awards

This category is only open to students from colleges and universities. The awards are designed to identify ingenuity in the new era.

Annual Future Packaging Star Award

Centering on "future", 2021 Future Packaging Star Award intends to identify excellent packaging concepts or packaging works in universities and colleges. These concepts or works, to some extent, can represent the future, lead the future, and inspire future industry development trends.

In the end, the Competition will select 1 gold prize, 1 silver prize, and 1 bronze prize for each individual prize of the regular rewards, and 1 prize for each special award and academic award

Join the competition, you will get:

1、  Participating enterprises or individuals can get multi-channel online exposure opportunities for free.

2、  The shortlisted works may be presented to all the attending visitors at the IPIF International Packaging Innovation Forum.

3、  If the works/cases of terminal enterprises or individuals win the awards, one ticket to the IPIF International Packaging Innovation Forum will be granted.

4、  If the works/cases of non-terminal enterprises or individuals win the awards, a 12% discount on VIP tickets of the IPIF International Packaging Innovation Forum will be granted.

5、  The gold winner of the regular awards will obtain a cash prize of 1,000 yuan.

*Terminal enterprises or individuals refer to corporate organizations and individuals such as food, beverages, catering&takeaway, e-commerce, supermarkets, heathcare, commodities, electronic appliances, automotive, etc.;

Non-terminal enterprises or individuals refer to corporate organizations and individuals such as packaging vendors (relevant upstream and downstream enterprises in the packaging industry), universities, and media.


Notes for registration:

1. Participation fee is required for this competition. Each work can apply for two (2) awards at most with a registration fee of 500 yuan (tax included) and a maximum of 1,000 yuan (tax included) registration fee for each. Fees will be used for event materials, venues, reviews, execution team planning and operation costs during the competition.

*The above fees do not include the transportation, accommodation, catering and other expenses incurred in this event


2. Submission deadline for all entries:

September 3, 2021 (including relevant auxiliary materials, pictures, videos, samples, etc.)


3. The competition jury is composed of members of the Blue Star Project expert group. In a bid to ensure the specialization and fairness of the Competition, the expert group is composed of brands, universities and colleges, and associations. This Competition will invite leaders of well-known terminal packaging businesses such as Unilever, McDonald's, Meituan, Yili, Classy-Kiss, JD Logistics, Mondelēz, and Yihai Kerry to conduct multi-dimensional considerations and score all participating works one by one. The final results of this Competition will be unveiled after at least two competition courses.



Just join and register!

How to submit the registration materials for the competition

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Payment method 2: Alipay transfer

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For competition details, please call the hotline.

Yolanda Xiao

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Please verify the entry information repeatedly before submitting your works. Once submitted, the organizer will truthfully register your works based on the contents in the entry form. All consequences caused by violations of national laws and regulations or work copyright and other ownership disputes, shall be borne by the work submission party (enterprises or individuals) and it has nothing to do with Reed Exhibitions. It is hereby stated. The hosts reserve the final interpretation right of the event.